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                                   ALLAH IS WITH THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FAITH

If you wish to  offer  (Nazar-o-Niyaz);  On Behalf  of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz's (R.A.) On DARGAH Sharif.  for Chaddar, Ghilaf, flowers & cooking of Niyaz you may contribute directly in my England Bank Account  or Through Paypal,


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6 or 7 / May / 2013 Flag \ceremony 

Urs Begin 11 or 12 / May / 2013

11 / May / 2013 Jannati Darwaza Will open

         17 / May / 2013 Urs          Namaz e Jumma

        16 or 17 / May / 2013        Chatti Sharif , Annual Fateha

Jannati Darwaza Will Be Closed

19 or 20 / May / 2013 Urs    Bara Qul


Mehfile Sima

Syed Ajmer

Offering Chaddar

Deg Couldron

In attention of Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) Devotees , plz beware of fake websites, who are claming to be a deciple of Khwaja Garib Nawaz

 (R.A) and also claming nazar o niyaz,   plz beware they call themselves humble caretaker so plz kindly beware fakes    Contact Gaddi Nashin , Khwaja Saheb Ajmer

Darbar Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) is incharge of syed  Khadim community we are the (Carer's) khidmat gaar who helps people with spiritual help any wishes made in darbar sharif we intened to full fill that we are the only once who is allowed to do  this , dargah sharif ajmer

Offerrings Chaddar, Flower, Attar,

Dua Wazayif For Your Request

Contribute for Niyaz

The England Bank Account NATWEST BANK
           (ACCOUNT NO 3 4 3 2 3 3 4 1)             (SORT CODE  5 6 - 0 0 - 5 5)


Contact Shah Saheb

Most Important (Safe & Fast)
You may deposit your hearty contribution (amount) direct in England Bank Account . When you deposit the Holy Shrine amount please inform us through phone 07535248749 or email:- Please inform your neighbours & relatives about this bank account, so they can also send their contribution.

I hope our sweet relation may be stronger through the blessings of Khwaja Sahab and you will always remember me. Please always write to me for tawiz or any thing of this Khwaja Sahab Holy Shrine required by you. Accept my hearty Dua & Salam and convey the same to your all family members
Contact Ajmer Sharif Duago

Khwaja Saheb Ajmer
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Some persons & few institutions or communities which are not related to Darbar Sharif take the amount in name of Khwaja SB. Please do not give them any amount because any body cannot enter fair in our syed chishty family.If any person contact you about it please inform me as soon as possible by telephone because all the managements of Darbar Sharif belong only with our Syed Chishty Family .It is only we syed khadim chishty family who have the power to do any noble work which belongs to darbar sharif and only we have power to collect

Any amount of Darbar Sharif so I hope you will contact me by phone at the earliest possible after reading this

Contact Caretaker Khwaja Saheb Ajmer
Darbar Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) is incharge of syed  Khadim community we are the (Carer's) khidmat gaar who helps people with spiritual help any wishes made in darbar sharif we intened to full fill that we are the only once who is allowed to do  this , dargah sharif ajmer
Dargah Sharif  Duago IMPORTANT,  MESSAGE dargah sharif ajmer
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