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Khatame Khawajgan  

Khatam Khawajgan pdf

This dua Wali Allah used to recite this very lovely Zikr Khatame Khwajagan if there is any problem in the house, any magic has been done, or any work is not being done and the enemy is troubling you, jinnat trouble you, or someone's child If there is no birth or marriage,


If there is a shortage in livelihood and if health remains poor, then this prayer is good for you. Khatame Khwajagan is beneficial in every way. The method is to take a white sheet, place almonds on it, and read it on Thursday. If everyone inside the house is invited and recites this wazifa every week on Thursday,


then there will be many benefits, and every difficulty will be easy. Make sure to give Dua and Niyaz something sweet.

Khatame Khawajgan pdf  

The Dhikr of Khatm-al-Khawajgan

All The Chishti Sufis Recited This Dua Khatm-al-Khawajgan in ajmer sharif India & subcontinent 

Khatm e khawajgan ka tarika

Khatme Khwajagan in Urdu PDF

Khatam-e-Khawajgan Sharif

Method of Khatme Khwajagan

khatm e khawajgan wazifa pdf

khatm e khawajgan ka tarika

Learn how to recite Khatm-e-Khawajgan & How to make Dua 

What is Khatam ul Khwajagan?

Khatm E Khawajgan : Free Download

Khatm E Khawajgan pdf hindi

Khwaja Khatam

khwatame khwajagan
khatme khwajgan pdf
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