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syed ajmer sharif dargah

Ajmer Dargah Deg

The Tradition of Cooking at Ajmer Sharif Deg 


Badi Deg A Gift from Emperor Akbar 


Located on the western side of the Darwaza, the Badi Degh Ajmer was a generous donation from Emperor Akbar in the year Hijri 976 (1569 A.D.).


During the Urs festivities, approximately 120 mann of rice, enriched with dry fruits and condiments, are cooked in this vessel, and the resulting preparation is known as Tabarruk. 

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The pricing of this large cauldron is INR 80,000 | 100000 | 150,000.

This Tabarruk is lovingly distributed among the destitute, reflecting the spirit of charity.

At the heart of Ajmer Sharif Dargah lies a centuries-old tradition of preparing meals for the devotees and pilgrims visiting this sacred place. This culinary tradition is exemplified by two significant vessels, Choti Deeg and Badi Degh, each with its unique history and purpose. 

Choti Deg - A Gift from Emperor Jahangir: 

Choti Deg, a smaller cooking vessel, was graciously gifted to the Dargah by Emperor Jahangir.This remarkable vessel boasts a capacity of 60 Mound (equivalent to 2400 kg or 24 quintals), designed for the preparation of saffron, rice, various dry fruits, and other essential ingredients.


The cost of this vessel amounted to a generous sum of 75,000 Rupees.


Niyaz Deeg: A Symbol of Generosity:

Services and Information

For services and information related to Dargah Degh, including offerings and rituals, Kindly reach out to me at +447535248749.

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online booking ajmer dargah deg 07535248749

Booking Number for Ajmer Sharif Badi Deg: +447535248749

You may get in touch with us using WhatsApp Easyway if you'd like to reserve a large cauldron and find out how much it will cost to cook this large pot.

real photo of Ajmer Dargah Deg

Deeg Photo In this website you can see photos.

History of Ajmer Sharif Deg

You will get Big Pot History in this website, above is the complete detail.

what is the price of ajmer sharif deg

degh price you will get full detail in this website.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah Deg reservations are available online.

reserving a degh online It's quite easy to do; simply give us a WhatsApp at +447535248749, talk to us, and we'll schedule your appointment.

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Ajmer Dargah Deg Real Photo

Videos of Pot can be seen by clicking on the video link of Deghs. 

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Ajmer Dargah Ziyarat and Big Degh Booking Yes, you can book your deeg before coming and when you come for Ziyarat, we will book your pot after seeing that time date.

Ajmer Sharif Deg cost annd price for cooking

How much does Deeg cost, full details are given above in this website.

Online Deg Ajmer Dargah

Ajmer Sharif Degh History

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