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Urs Ajmer Sharif Dates 2024 - A Global Confluence of Devotion

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Commemorating Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz R.A. Urs Ajmer Sharif Dates 2024

The Annual Urs Ajmer Sharif Dates 2024, commencing from January 13th, 2024, is a renowned worldwide pilgrimage, drawing people from every corner of the globe to pay their respects to Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A).

The Urs Schedule

  1. Flag Hosting: The Urs Festival off with the ceremonial flag hosting on 08/01/2024.

  2. Opening of Jannati Darwaza: The gates of Jannati Darwaza will open on 13/01/2024.

  3. Chatti Sharif Fateha and Dua: Join us for heartfelt prayers and Dua on 18/01/2024.

  4. Qul Ki Fateha: The culmination of this spiritual journey on 21/01/2024.

A Spiritual Transformation at Dargah

During the Urs, a significant transformation unfolds at Dargah. From the 1st Rajab to 6th, the Buland Gate is a focal point as the flag is ceremoniously hoisted, signifying the start of the celebration Festival 2024.

A Profound Atmosphere of Devotion

1st Rajab to 6th Rajab, the Mazar Aqdas gate remains open all day and night, except for a three-hour period when it is temporarily closed, creating a profound atmosphere of devotion and love that draws admirers from across the world.

The Pinnacle of Chatti Sharif

The pinnacle of the Chatti Sharif, a day of paramount significance. On this day, heartfelt prayers, Quranic recitations, and Darood Salato Salam are offered, while Shijra E Aaliya Chishtia is recited.

A Global Epicenter of Devotion

Witness the global phenomenon of festival enthusiasts, spanning the globe, as they come together to offer Niyaz and send their heartfelt donations to Dargah.

Stay Informed

For an immersive experience of the 2024 Festival, delve into our website. Stay in the loop about our programs and events by connecting with us on WhatsApp.

(Flag Hosting): A ceremonial flag hosting event at Urs Ajmer Sharif 2024.(Flag Hosting): A ceremonial flag hosting event at Urs Ajmer Sharif 2024.



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